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Farm layout and design

Pricing: Pricing and terms are negotiable! Most consulting services are done at "no cost" with the purchase of any alpaca or breeding from us!
Schedule a farm visit with us and pick my brain for free. We welcome farm visits.
Call for Details: 970-523-1729

Service Description

We offer consulting for farm layout and design. If you have drainage problems or issues with subsidence or erosion, give us a call. A simple design or solution now can prevent a larger problem down the road.

A key component to a successful alpaca business is a healthy, clean, low-stress, efficient environment.

Consulting services also include fencing plans, paddock and pasture design, security and quarantine concerns, and placement of gates.

If you purchase alpacas from us - most consulting services mentioned here can be included!

Charlie is a professional geologist and licensed stormwater and erosion control supervisor will provide advice and services according to your farm needs and natural resources.

Terms of Service

Save money over the long run by planning properly and being prepared. A healthy farm transfers to healthy alpacas. Low stress and healthy alpacas means low stress for the alpaca farmer!